BioAdvance provides funding to startup life sciences companies in Southeastern Pennsylvania through its $20 million Greenhouse Fund. BioAdvance invests in therapeutics, devices, diagnostics and platform technologies focused on human health. Since its first investments in 2003, BioAdvance has become one of the nation's leading investors providing pre-seed and seed-stage funding. To date BioAdvance has committed more

than $16 million to 26 seed-stage companies and 17 pre-seed companies. Their portfolio companies are working to develop products to treat health problems including Alzheimer's disease, cancer, obesity, GI disorders, neurological and respiratory illnesses. BioAdvance was established with $33 million from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania's share of tobacco settlement monies.
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Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Southeastern Pennsylvania
Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Southeastern Pennsylvania is the region's catalyst for Stimulating Entrepreneurial Potential. For over 25 years, Ben Franklin has invested in innovative enterprises and created commercialization pathways and partnerships that generate wealth through science and technology. Ben Franklin is part of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania's Ben Franklin Technology Partnership. They provide entrepreneurs and established businesses with the Capital, Knowledge and Networks to compete in the global marketplace. They have provided a total of more than $130 million to grow more than 1,600 regional enterprises across all areas of technology.
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